A while ago, I found out about an interesting site called Huffduffer It basically allows you to create a custom podcast feed based on single audio clips/episodes you find around the web. In short, you can tag single podcast episodes from shows you normally do not subscribe to in a feed-at least that is how I use it.

You can add a bookmarlet to your bookmarks tool bar and when you are on a page with a podcast episode or any audio clip link you can click the bookmarklet and it will add that audio file to your huffduffer feed. You can also make your account public (like I did) so that others can enjoy/subscribe to your huffduffer account. I've linked to my feed below in case you're curious. In any event, I highly encourage you to check them out since it offers a great way to easily get audio files downloaded to my phone from sites/podcasts I wouldn't normally subscribe to on a regular basis.

My Huffduffer Page


Article by: 12/2/2015 5:47:00PM

Published: Noah Wood