About Noah

Casual headshot of Noah, circa June 2022

I am currently a Software Architect for Guidewire, mostly focused on commercial lines. Previously I spent almost five years at Hyland as both a technical consultant, and later as a product owner for healthcare revenue cycle solutions. I received my B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems from Kent State University in 2013. I have field experience with on-demand programming in a variety of object-oriented languages, as well as consulting, working in a Scrum agile environment, and technical documentation.

live in Cleveland, Ohio and enjoy the heart and soul of the rust belt. In my spare time, I enjoy programming, photography (especially film), running, cooking pescaterian meals, and being outside. I also play the saxophone, drums, and piano (although I am terrible at it). I have been doing web development since 2004 when I wrote my first website using PHP. Since then I've become interested in .NET, Java, C/C++, Pascal, and Javascript.

Over the years, I've developed become disillusioned with Javascript. Therefore, this website uses only a small amount of pure Javascript to render the menubar for the mobile view. The rest of the site was written by hand using ASP.NET Core, HTML5 and CSS.

To get a better idea of who I am and what I do, I encourage you to check out my Blog and follow me on Mastodon. I'd love to discuss any of the topics above (or anything else) with you. Feel free to contact me or toot at my Mastodon to get in touch!