I'm a fan of minecraft. Like many fans, I run a Minecraft Server from my home. It's a lot of fun and I encourage you to view the map of our server or drop me a line if you'd like to sign on to the server! (It's whitelisted for the protection of the beauty of the server). The server used to run Bukkit, but now runs Spigot.




3 days 4 hours 5 minutes


MC: 1.20.6


No players currently online.

Here are some general rules & FAQ regarding my server that you may find helpful:

  • In general, be nice. I worked hard for this server and I expect you to respect that
  • The simplest way to learn all the server commands is to type /help, that will show you a list of all the commands available to you. There are many more commands available that are not on this list, so I encourage you to use the help command to see what is possible to do.
  • Days will cycle 2 times, then one night cycle. Essentially days will seem to last 2x longer than night. You can use /timefold to see how many days are left in the cycle before nightfall.
    • If all players go to bed you can sleep through the night and have 2 more days to work
    • Using /time will also let you know what the current time is in human-readable terms (e.g. 12:44pm)
  • Weather has been adjusted so it occurs less frequently. I had to do this because of the timefold effect.
    • If you would like to make the rain stop, use /wr clear
  • You can also set up to three home locations using /sethome [name], once you set a home, use /home [name] to warp to it.
    • Another nice touch is the use of the /back commnad, if you tp, warp, or home somewhere and then use the back command, you'll go back to the spot you were at before you teleported away.
  • There are a number of public warp points in the map, use /warp list to see a list of the points and /warp [name] to warp to that point.
  • You may tp to other players using /tp [player name].
  • Using /coords will print out your coordinates, so you don't have to push F3
  • Also, [FD] will announce when someone (or you) has found any ores (e.g. diamond, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, etc.). If you find diamonds, there is a small chance that the rest of the players (as well as yourself) will recieve some gold ingots, some slime balls, or a bottle 'o enchanting (basically free exp.)
  • I've added private messaging so you can use /msg [player name] [message] to message a particular player and /r [message] to reply back and forth
  • Did you mess up something in the ocean or did a creeper ruin all the water? Use //fixwater 20 to make that go away